Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession which assists people to restore, maintain and maximize their strength, function, movement, and overall well-being.

Physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of how the body works and specialize in hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability. Physiotherapy includes rehabilitation, as well as prevention of injury, and promotion of health and fitness. Physiotherapists often work in conjunction with other health professionals to help meet an individual’s health care needs.

Our physiotherapy practice provides a predominantly hands-on treatment specialising in the following conditions:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Work related injuries
  • Motor vehicle accident related injuries
  • Headaches
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Post-operative Rehabilitation
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Acute and Chronic Pain & Injury

We provide physiotherapy services, which include

    • Manual Therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Education
    • Exercise Prescription
    • Appropriate use of modalities

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